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Hydrocarbon Services

Production Testing Services (PTS) provides national, super-major and market-leading independent petroleum companies with world-class petroleum services.  As part of PetroTiger's 1,000 professionals and engineers, PTS is one of the largest regionally-based, post-drilling production services companies in Latin America, with growing operations in Asia.  Our expertise built on 20 years underlies our capacity for completing piecemeal and integrated petroleum field solutions for our clients, including:

 Well Testing Services
 Cased Hole Services
Open Hole Services
 Surface Facilities Design and Construction
 Petroleum Field Operation and Maintenance
 BOT/EPCM Contracts

Our veteran professionals, guided by rigorous process control and HSEQ standards, solve and execute complex petroleum services projects put forward by our customers.  We operate in accordance with API and GOST standards.  With our partners, we can perform seismic, drilling and ancillary services as master vendor, providing a single source from reservoir to pipeline.
We are delighted to be a sister company of Gómez, Cajiao y Asociados, a leading civil engineering firm with a comprehensive and long background serving the petroleum industry.

Latest News

PTS Wins Major HSEQ Award


PTS received the ARP SURA Excellence Prize on August 19, 2009, awarded to the firm with the best performance in and management of Occupational Health and Safety.  The annual prize is reserved for the Colombian company which excels in the management and control of risk and elevates the standard for Occupational Health and Safety in the petroleum industry.  The ARP SURA Excellence Prize affirms PTS's market-leading HSEQ standards and procedures, evaluated on the basis of management's commitment to excellence in Occupational Health and Safety, fulfillment of all legal requirements, focus on incident prevention and control and commitment to continuous improvement.  PTS continues to set the bar in Occupational Health and Safety in Colombia and throughout Latin America, and this award further cements PTS as the company to emulate in the development of strong HSEQ policy.


Mauricio Correa, the PTS HSEQ Manager, said "The ARP SURA Excellence Prize is the result of a cumulative, company-wide focus on excellence in Occupational Health and Safety.  Each and every PTS employee shares in this award because without the efforts of each individual, none of this would have been possible.  We would like to thank ARP SURA for its recognition, and we will continue to display our commitment to the safety and integrity of our employees, customers and environment."

PTS Becomes Part of PetroTiger Group

08/2009 Production Testing Services

PetroTiger completed the purchase of 100% of the share capital of Production Testing Services (, the market-leading petroleum production services provider for the Andean Region, headquartered in Bogota, Colombia. 


PetroTiger has put in place a strategic platform to capitalize upon growing service demand in emerging market petroleum and infrastructure services.  The acquisition of PTS, a leader in Andean petroleum production services for approximately 20 years, makes PetroTiger the largest regionally-based petroleum production services company.

Joseph Sigelman, the Co-Chief Executive Officer of PetroTiger and its Co-Founder said:  “The acquisition of PTS, widely regarded as the premier petroleum production services company in Colombia, cements PetroTiger as a leading platform for designing, operating and maintaining hydrocarbon infrastructure in emerging markets.  Our over one thousand professionals focus everyday on serving our customers, the leading petroleum firms in the world, with strict process controls, health and safety standards and innovation.”

Co-Chief Executive Officer Knut Hammarskjold added, “We are excited about the accelerating investment in Latin American hydrocarbon projects and the ways in which PetroTiger can support expansion of existing clients and introduction of services to new entrants to our market.”


PTS is a leading hydrocarbon services company serving the oil and gas industry.  We harness the specialized expertise and proven field experience of our professionals.  Together with state-of-the-art technology, PTS offers turn-key solutions that span the evaluation, completion, production and intervention cycles of oil and natural gas wells.

Headquartered in Bogotá, Colombia, PTS enjoys a successful and long history of working with leading petroleum companies throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia.  We are a unique, turn-key services provider led by an entrepreneurial leadership team and qualified human resources talent.  We are proud to serve the blue-chip companies that rely on us night and day.  PTS supports national oil companies, multiple super-majors and important independent exploration firms across the lifecycle of their operations.
PTS is RUC-, ISO 9001:2000- and OHSAS 18001:2007-certified, with ISO 14001, and employs a rigorous quality control and health and safety regimen, driving our commitment to excellence in petroleum field operation, maintenance and management.


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